Slide Advertising is all about sending information to guide or influence recipients. The key is to make sure the recipients understand the details. With sayHola & callOut, we work with you to ensure your campaign gets out there and is received by those that are truly interested.

There is a lot of redundancy in Advertising. With sayHola you get a safe and secure, private space for Business, Celebrities, Community, and Individuals without comments and fake news.

Whoever you are, with sayHola Social Space you can control your image and expand your presence using Geo-intelligence, and direct your information with speed and accuracy. Don’t waste time defending comments!

Take the fear out of Advertising.
Forget complicated budgets for “pay clicks / pay per views / time limits”

Say “Hola” and get low, Fixed-Rate Advertising.
You will directly capture your market region.

No need to select gender, age group, time limits or time of day. You get advertising to everyone in your pre selected region(s) 24x7 for the time period you choose all for a flat rate.

sayHola offers multiple options for relevant Advertising with Sponsor Ads, participating Blogs and Classifieds:

Through Followers - Increase Awareness of your Business.

Through Awareness - Post your important content

Through Product Sales- Expand your Brand.
Through Social Space Classifieds (SSC) Post individual products in Hola classifieds, and allow clients to make online purchasing. This allows followers/buyers to have one-on-one direct contact with you and your business.
Through Sponsored Social Space (SSS)
Two flat rate Options:

1. Through Followers - Increase Awareness of your Business.With Hola Social Space you get accurate digital marketing: Post Products, Activities and Events. No scrolling, no clutter, just relevancy and results!

2. Through Awareness - Post your important content.
Your clients will subscribe to your business or informational feeds; and, when they want to reach you, they will click to have a private chat using the Hola Communications System.

We are so confident of your success in selling products on the SSC or advertising on the SSS, we offer our special in-house guarantee on all 30-day Advertising campaigns.

Through Participating Blog Partners (PBP)
Post individual visuals with sayHola participating Blogs, and allow clients to make click through or follow you social space. This allows followers/buyers to have one-on-one direct contact with you and your business.

Users will see an Advertisers presence in the Classifieds or Sponsored Social Space feed in their designated Geo-Regions, or Geo-Regions selected by an Advertisers marketing area(s).

Users will select the Advertiser and subscribe to follow with a simple click. Users will have the option at anytime to unsubscribe.

Users maintain their privacy and security. No fake news or comments, just relevance and results.

Getting Started
Hola Social Space follows the highest standards for Advertising on our pages. We demand relevancy, accuracy and above all content that will enhance the Hola experience.

HOW IT WORKS To Advertise through sayHola Social Space, Advertisers have at their disposal a variety of formats that are designed to deliver messages that can inform, inspire or provoke.

For the most optimal market reach, Advertisers will likely take advantage of the sayHola Managed Advertising (HMA) which requires signing a short, mid or yearly term agreement with sayHola.

Of course, sayHola Casual Advertising (HCA) is certainly available across the full sayHola advertising spectrum. Options include: sayHola Marketplace, sayHola Participating Blogs and callOuts by sayHola.

We have created a simple process where you can manage your Ads at an instant, with no commitments to a longer term strategy. We know too that ideas can develop at any time: sayHola Marketplace allows for great flexibility, with the comfort of knowing you can still reach sayHola users in your chosen Geo-regions.

Option One: HMA sayHola Managed Advertising (HMA): Talking directly to an in-house Ad specialist starts with a simple questionnaire. Any Business or individual (s) may purchase Sponsor ads regardless of whether they sell products on sayHola Social Space. Once our in-house staff review your application, we will reach out to you by sayHola chat for an initial consultation. We look forward to understanding your business and making HMA an easy choice in gaining the best out of advertising with Hola. Get started today by filling out the application: Option Two: HCA Hola Casual Advertising (HCA) - Available through the Hola App phone menu. Self-help service requires a few things:

1. Deciding to post Classifieds, work with participating Blogs or post with Sponsored Social Space

2. Having your ad or item jpeg ready for upload

3. Having your Great Title

4. Having a strong Description or Statement

5. Knowing the areas you want your Ad seen (Geo-Regions)

6. Selecting your terms - times, etc

7. Making a payment though the available payment options.

That’s it, you’re finished. The self-help posting will be approved within a short period of administration review. We’ll get right back to you.

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Verb, action, spanglish

1. a compound action statement used as a suggestion
or imperative.
“sayHola me later!”
2. a digital App method to send a private verbal,
written, video or recorded communication sent to
or left for a recipient.

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