Slide SayHola on Privacy and Security sayHola believe Privacy is a basic human right, now more than ever. We express this belief by building our own tech infrastructures including API’s, to protect our data and the data of our users. We make every effort to remain neutral of all political and religious views; as such, a tenet of our philosophy is to treat all third-party API’s - especially corporate privacy violators who sell data - as dangerous and non usable. Thus, we make a point to build every concept software ourselves, and where remotely possible introduce complete automation to restrict human error.

We believe firmly that nothing is free, and we always mean and do what we say. We are a serious company and we are here to serve our users seriously.As Secure as it Gets - sayHola Secure!

It is fair to say sayHola is all about Privacy and Security. Right from the onset we allow a user to Register anonymously: no names, no details, just the phone number. Without the phone number you won’t receive a call!

Use a Secure email to log in - if you choose, no text SMS

Now, if you add an email to your profile settings, you can login to your account through a Hot-Link. That’s right, no SMS.

Secure Entry Points - Guaranteed Security!

Once inside the sayHola phone App you can set a 6-digit pin screen-lock - and 6 attempts to input code. If you get locked out, use the blockchain mnemonic word chain recovery system - don’t lose it. There is NO recovery for that. Why? It’s blockchain secure technology. We can help you recover your Social Space and Account, but all your private chats, history etc., will be gone!

No Screen Shots - Guaranteed Privacy!

When using the App, sayHola offers secure private chat access requiring users to set a specific 4 digit pin-code entry. If you forget the code, there is no recovery. Delete and start again. And, let’s not forget, sayHola prohibits users taking screenshots or screen recordings. Try it and the chat recipient will get a message informing them of the attempt.

No risk, all Reward

SayHola operates on the cloud with encrypted security features. Whether using Private Chat or Social Space, accounts are entirely protected, but can be viewed as Private and Public. Private chats can be deleted at will. If access to a user account is lost, the Private chats are lost. On the Social Space side, data can be seen as Public. The user can delete data at will. However, if the account is lost, the data can be retrieved.

sayHola - Under the Hood

We use an integration of the best available tools, including our own proprietary locks and keys. Utilising web-sockets, DTLS (datagram Transport layer Security), with UDP (User Datagram Protocol) in combination with webRTC + proprietary stuff guarantees sayHola calls remain private. Added with Person to Person connectivity ensures the call connects at the cloud and drops away from the cloud immediately guaranteeing true private communications. (Those App companies who insist on staying connected at the cloud have their own reasons. I am sure their eavesdropping outweighs the costs.)

Of course, we protect all outside vulnerabilities using MITM-proxy Man-in-the-Middle), inclusive of the sayHola user Registration system. Connecting via HTTPS, and WSS (web sockets) ensures permissions match system demands. And, this means when users connect, everyone can be confident the call is private!

On Censorship - Article 19 - Universal Declaration of Human Rights

sayHola is a strong advocate of freedom of speech and expression: We firmly believe in the right of every individual to express themselves and their opinions without interference from others; and, to have the right to seek, receive and share information and ideas through any media anytime, anywhere. At sayHola, we welcome everyone to express themselves in their own indubitable way, we just wish to remind all our users to be respectful of others and to pay attention to the sayHola Community guidelines: it costs nothing to be kind.

Privacy as Philosophy

sayHola is a private company deeply committed to communications privacy. And why not! With all the insipid Social Media, close circuit communications cameras everywhere inclusive of facial recognition software, and global data breaches more common than ever, we are losing the race to maintain any relationship with Privacy and Personal Space. And, when our right to Privacy and Personal Space is gone, it will be gone forever.

We also know that Privacy is not free. At sayHola we don’t sell any user data, ever! We know other Messaging App companies claim the same however they also promise free services forever too and we all know that nothing is Free. One can only imagine how they pay their bills, and it’s not without strings.
Now, at sayHola we tell you right up front that our system has a yearly cost. It is true, we offer basic services, and Premium Services. But, the costs of running sayHola are completely covered by Premium Service users. That’s right, the system is fully funded by users. Yes, Privacy costs! Join the sayHola community and fight for your Privacy with us!

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Verb, action, spanglish

1. a compound action statement used as a suggestion
or imperative.
“sayHola me later!”
2. a digital App method to send a private verbal,
written, video or recorded communication sent to
or left for a recipient.

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